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Who’s who in the pews-Meet the Angelos






Who’s Who – March, 2016

Meet the Angelos

“We have never thought of divorce.  Murder?  Yes.  But never divorce.”

Happily, Dennis and Karen Angelo laugh as Dennis says this.  Their story is a testimony to God’s long-term faithfulness in their lives and marriage.

Dennis was born in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania (near State College), and he grew up in nearby Tyrone until he left for Slippery Rock University.  “I didn’t have one set of parents.  I had a whole block full,” he recalls.  Dennis still stays in contact with some of his companions in baseball, football, basketball, hunting, fishing, and drama.  (He played Evil Eye Fleegle in Lil’ Abner.)

Karen was born at Providence Hospital in Beaver Falls and has lived in Beaver County all her life, with the exception of a few moves with Dennis.  She claims, “I was the good kid.”  Karen’s home was on seven acres near a set of woods in Industry, so she spent much of her youth roaming those woods with her brother.  She graduated from Western Beaver High School and also attended Slippery Rock University.

As you might guess, Dennis and Karen met at Slippery Rock.  “He was talking to another girl,” remembers Karen, “because he knew everyone, including most of the girls.”  Someone introduced them “from a distance,” although Dennis and Karen differ on the distance.  (She claims she couldn’t see him well because she wasn’t wearing her glasses.)  Later he introduced himself at a basketball game.  Then he came to a dorm and asked her out.  Their first date was a milkshake at the Student Union on February 2, 1972 (Dennis remembers the date of the date!)  But, alas, he was unable to escort her back to her dorm because he had a class.

They were married on June 21, 1975.

With his degree in Secondary Education, Dennis pursued teaching.  After one year teaching middle-school science in Bradenton, Florida, he decided to pursue something else.  He worked at the old Shippingport atomic power station, which led to a career in related work.

Dennis was one of the first people on Three Mile Island after the accident in 1979.  He believes the entire incident was blown out of proportion: “Nothing off the island could have been injured in any way, shape, or form.”

He also worked at stations in Maryland, Michigan, Georgia, and South Carolina.  He began serving the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1985 as a Senior Radiation Health Physicist.  After he received his Master’s Degree from Geneva College, he served as a Radiation Protection Supervisor.  What does that mean?  “I made sure personnel handling radiation equipment in medical settings, steel mills, colleges, and universities were qualified and following standards and procedures.”

Karen also received her degree from Slippery Rock in Elementary Education and English.  Her first job was stay-at-home mom to sons Ian and Adrian: “The best job of my life.”  But it was also hard because while the boys were very young, Dennis was working at the various power stations.  Karen and the boys would journey out to join Dennis in the summers and the whole family would live in a camper.  They agree their biggest challenge as parents was Adrian’s ADHD.  By God’s grace, they (and he) have survived and thrived.

Karen later became one of the first people to receive a Master of Counseling Degree from Geneva and operated a Christian Counseling practice for 15 years.  She also taught in the pre-school at New Life PCA in Hopewell for 24 years.

What about their journeys with Jesus?

Dennis says he attended a Lutheran church as a child, but he drifted away from the church in college.  But when Ian was born, Dennis realized anew the importance of his relationship with the Lord and the church.

Karen was raised at Four Mile Church.  She says she never remembers a time when she didn’t believe in Jesus.

And did you know…?

Dennis loves to sing.  He was a member of a professional gospel quartet for several years in the 1990s.  Karen sings beautifully, too.

Dennis is a cigar lover.  Karen is not.

Karen does Bobbin Lace.  Dennis does not.

Dennis has participated in four mission trips to Latin America, some with Karen.

Karen likes to travel, golf, bowl, do puzzles and crafts, paint with watercolor, target shoot, and love on her four grandchildren.

Dennis enjoys some of the same activities, but he also has a deep passion for men’s ministry.

Dennis and Karen have visited all but four states together (Alaska, North Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska.)

They also made a dream trip to Australia last year, and they hope to go to New Zealand in the near future.

Karen is a food snob.  But she likes the Hot Dog Shoppe.

Yes, they are interesting people.

God led them to Chapel in 2012, and we are thankful and blessed.