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Chapel Presbyterian Church: Short-Term Missions Trip Policy




Mission Trip Purposes

  • To provide ministry support to missions and spiritual encouragement to missionaries
  • To develop a heart for missions in the members of the team


Trip Definitions

  • LEVEL ONE: Generally local, minimally cross-cultural
  • LEVEL TWO: Generally in the United States, moderately cross-cultural
  • LEVEL THREE: Generally foreign, maximally cross-cultural


The Missions Committee will determine the level to assign to each trip.



  • All applicants must be members of Chapel Presbyterian Church.
  • Exceptions must be approved by the Missions Committee and Session.



  • The committee will choose and classify trips, with Session approval.
  • The committee will assign team spiritual and administrative leadership.
  • Potential team members will submit a written application, and first time mission trip applicants will participate in an interview with the committee and team leaders.
  • The committee will approve team members with team leader input, pending Session approval.
  • After the trip, the committee will debrief the team.



Level One Trips:

  • Must demonstrate sufficient spiritual maturity.
  • Must meet age/grade requirements for the trip.
  • Must demonstrate willingness to commit to the team development and preparation period.
  • Must be willing to allow Chapel to obtain a federal background check.


Level Two Trips:

  • Must meet all of the requirements of Level One, plus each member must have Level One missions experience.


Level Three Trips:

  • Must meet all of the requirements of Level Two, plus each member must be willing to:
    • Learn limited foreign language and other cultural practices.
    • Provide or purchase a passport.
    • Obtain the required vaccinations.

 Exceptions to these qualifications must be made by the Missions Committee, with approval from Session.


Church Leadership Participation

  • For Level Two and Level Three trips, a member of the Chapel staff, a Ruling Elder, or a Deacon must be a member of the team.



  • Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by either a legal guardian, a member of the Chapel staff, a Ruling Elder, or a Deacon.
  • Legal guardians must provide written consent for the minor’s participation in the trip.


Travel Issues

  • If circumstances prevent a team member from leaving a foreign country, the team administrative leader, or his or her designee, will remain with the person.

 Exceptions must be approved by the Missions Committee and the immediate family members of the person.



  • When a team is formed, a member of the Missions Committee will be assigned by the committee to assist in establishing the team’s fundraising plan.
  • Within one month of the formation of the team, the team will agree to a fundraising plan and submit it to the Missions Committee for Session approval.
  • Fundraising elements may include:
    • Letter-writing. The committee representative will ensure that congregational members receive no more than one letter per team.
    • Fundraisers for the entire team. Fundraisers must be approved by the Missions Committee.
    • Self-funding. Team members are permitted to pay for part or all of the trip themselves.

Mission to the World (MTW) guidelines recommend that funds be raised in roughly even proportion between these three elements.

Team members are responsible for filling any gaps between funds needed and funds raised.