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Helping Hands


The Helping Hands Ministry

We are a group of men who have been gifted in many ways and believe it is part of our ministry
to the Body of Christ at Chapel to share those gifts.
We have discussed items like: not everyone can fix a leaky faucet, or stop a constantly running toilet tank.
Most people cannot replace a light switch, repair a lamp switch or replace a ceiling fixture. Sometimes
water heaters leak or go out, pipes may leak or a faucet needs complete replacing. Maybe storm windows
and screens need attention or some small window repair. Perhaps an antique clock might need some
adjusting and cleaning. Or perhaps you are a caretaker and need a short rest for recuperation from your
daily vigil, or you need a ride to the Drs., or the hospital. Maybe you just need a hand getting to the grocery
store and back and maybe help with shopping.
We have done these for some congregation members. And we might be able to help you. Take a look around
your house or apartment at what might need a bit of attention. We might just have the gifts and expertise to
help you out. We may also be able to shovel your sidewalks, should it ever snow!
We are not looking to put anyone out of business, but we are determined as Christians to serve the body of Christ
with our unique gifts and abilities. Perhaps there is some place where you live that was tailor made for us to serve.
For Info: Contact Karin Dalton or John Janczura and they will be able you get you in touch with a Helping Hand.